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Jun Ling Studio , after just gaining Ye Luohan, had become the studio that countless celebrities wanted to join. Although they were still new, it was believed that they would develop well. There were many celebrities who wanted to enter, but were worried about being rejected so they didn’t act rashly. However, they didn’t expect Su Yang to join first, making them suddenly filled with regret.

Su Qing’s personality naturally wasn’t as simple as Su Yang’s nor was his thinking. If it were, then the two of them would have been eaten clean by the entertainment industry without any bones left long ago. Therefore, he thought a lot more than Su Yang. Although he didn’t know what Luo Lingxing was thinking, this sentence made Su Yang’s future path a lot smoother. Whether it was intentional or not, he would accept this grace.

Because of their leave these past few days, Luo Lingxing and Ye Luohan had a lot of scenes accumulated. They mostly shot scenes featuring the two of them all afternoon. Fortunately, these two’s acting were good, and they had a tacit understanding, otherwise the entire crew’s progress would have been delayed.

“Luohan, Xiao Luo, prepare for the fourth scene. You can take a break after filming this one,” Sun Xueyou was two hundred percent satisfied with these two, especially when filming these two’s scene. It was a complete pleasure.

After being a director for so long, this was the first time he’d had such an unrestrained and heartfelt feeling. It was no wonder people said that meeting a good actor was a very refreshing matter.

This scene was when Huangfu Yue and Shen Anyang were in the field, fighting the enemy. The martial artist had already programmed the martial moves in advance. When the time came, they only needed to input these action’s into the actor’s system. When shooting, the system would control the actor’s body to automatically follow the action. The hard part was being hung up from the wire.

However, for actors, they were used to being suspended on a wire. Although it was uncomfortable, it wasn’t unbearable.

“Luohan, Xiao Luo, come and input the movements, then have the martial artist guide you,” Sun Xueyou said to the two.

Chen Hongliang’s brows furrowed slightest, because he knew that Luo Lingxing didn’t have a system. Martial art scenes may be easy for others, but it would be very difficult for Luo Lingxing. It may even be an impossible task.

After hesitating for a while, Chen Hongliang finally walked up to Sun Xueyou, intending to tell the truth. This was impossible to hide, after all. “Director Sun, Xiao Luo might not be able to complete this scene,” Chen Hongliang said.

“What’s wrong? Is he feeling unwell?” As soon as Sun Xueyou heard this, he was immediately worried and asked.

“Director Sun, can you see if you can find a stuntman for this scene?” Chen Hongliang asked with some difficulty.

In fact, he didn’t want to find a stuntman. Not to mention the acting skills of a stuntman, more importantly, this was only the first of the fight scenes. There were sure to be more fight scenes in the future. He couldn’t always rely on a stuntman.

However, he didn’t expect this scene to move up. He originally planned to have him learn the moves from a martial artist later. If that really didn’t work, then they would use a stuntman. However, they moved this fight scene up, ruining Chen Hongliang’s plan.

Chen Hongliang was secretly annoyed. This was all because he had put in too much time into the studio recently and didn’t pay attention to Luo Lingxing’s filming progress. This resulted in the failure of communicating in advance, which also made Chen Hongliang realize that he really couldn’t do both the studio management and agent matters. This made him even more determined to find a good agent for Luo Lingxing.

“Use a stand-in?” Sun Xueyou didn’t expect Chen Hongliang to have this request.

The crew had stuntmen for emergency cases, but unless the main actor was sick or well, the stuntman wouldn’t be used. They were basically there for decoration.

“Director Sun, it’s like this, Xiao Luo doesn’t have a system. He will have to learn these moves before he can shoot these scenes,” Chen Hongliang explained.

“He doesn’t have a celebrity system?” Sun Xueyou obviously didn’t expect this to be the reason. Was a celebrity who didn’t have a celebrity system still a celebrity?

He had personally witnessed Luo Lingxing’s acting skills. He was very optimistic about this teenager, but he didn’t expect the teenager to not have a celebrity system. This really was… a very regrettable matter. One had to know that it was very difficult to mix in the entertainment industry without a celebrity system.

Sun Xueyou thought that Chen Hongliang meant Luo Lingxing had a different system and not a celebrity system. There were also such actors within the entertainment industry, but most of them were just extras. He didn’t know that Luo Lingxing even had a system.

“My word, how could this be? Xiao Luo actually doesn’t have a system? Then wouldn’t it be hard for him to shoot scenes later on?”

Yao Qingqing happened to be beside them and said in surprise after hearing this.

She didn’t expect to hear such explosive news. The male protagonist of ‘Supreme Duel Heros’ didn’t have a system. This was such a funny situation. If Director Sun had known, he definitely wouldn’t have picked Luo Lingxing. There was a good show to be watched.

“Don’t worry about this. Xiao Luo’s learning ability is very strong, and the later scenes won’t be affected,” Chen Hongliang tried his best to explain.

Sun Xueyou’s brows slightly furrowed. He was in a hard situation. What was the most important part of this TV drama? it was the magnificent fighting scenes. If he didn’t have a celebrity system, then those martial arts moves wouldn’t be accurate, and the effect of the shoot would be greatly reduced. He was very worried about this.

This was also why so many directors were reluctant to appoint actors without celebrity systems. After all, actors without a celebrity system would be at a disadvantage.

“Then we should use a stuntman for this scene.” Sun Xueyou’s mood was obviously not as high as before. A stuntman’s acting was never as good as the original actor’s, but there was no other choice.

“Director, didn’t you previously know that Xiao Luo didn’t have a system?” Yao Qingqing suddenly said. She acted as if her words were casual, and when she saw Sun Xueyou’s displeased expression, she covered her mouth in surprise and apologized, “I’m sorry. I thought you knew about this from the start, director.”

Chen Hongliang really wanted to kick this woman out. Her words made it sound like he had deliberately hidden this fact from Sun Xueyou to prevent Luo Lingxing from being replaced because of it. Both of their expressions turned dark because of Yao Qingqing’s words.

“Director, I also filmed several scenes today. I’m not really feeling well. How about we film this scene tomorrow?” Ye Luohan suddenly appeared beside him and said. This was the first time he had said such a thing on a set.

“Um…” Sun Xueyou looked at Ye Luohan, then looked at Luo Lingxing, who stood to the side without speaking. The director knew he was doing this to help Luo Lingxing.

It seemed that the relationship between Ye Luohan and Luo Lingxing was very good.

“All right. This way, Xiao Luo can also learn the moves for this scene from the martial artist. We’ll shoot this scene tomorrow.”

Sun Xueyou said.

Although this was what he’d said, he didn’t think that someone without any martial arts skills could learn all the moves in one night. Moreover, they also had to meet his requirements. Even an experienced martial arts master wouldn’t dare guarantee to learn an entire set of moves in one night.

“Director, there’s no need. We can film the scene now. Give me a minute to see the moves first,” Luo Lingxing calmly said. There wasn’t any excitement in his voice, making those who heard him involuntarily believe in him.

Little brother Xiao Luo, this isn’t like a script. You can’t remember it all in a minute. These are real martial arts moves. If you can’t remember them, you can easily get hurt,” Yao Qingqing said with a smile.

Luo Lingxing didn’t pay any attention to her, but walked up to the martial artist and asked him to copy the set of moves to his terminal. He stood there and started watching them. It really took less than a minute.

“Director, I’m ready. Can we start?” Luo Lingxing calmly said. He didn’t realize how shocking his words were.

“Is… Is it really okay?” Sun Xueyou couldn’t believe it. He had watched the entire scene from beginning to end. Luo Lingxing didn’t even rehearse. Was he really ready?

“Little brother Xiao Luo, I know you’ve very hard working, but you also have to know your limits. If you can’t do it, we can shoot tomorrow,” Yao Qingqing seriously tried to persuade him, as if she was thinking for his sake. However, hearing her words from the start, Luo Lingxing could hear the sarcasm in them.

“We can try it.” Luo Lingxing’s words were very light.

Seeing Luo Lingxing like this, Sun Xueyou didn’t speak anymore. Perhaps he wanted to see how far this teenager could go. If… If he could really do it in such a short time and without a system, then this teenager was really too invincible. Even if he didn’t have a system, he would definitely succeed in the entertainment industry.

“All departments get ready for the fourth scene. Ready, set, action!” As soon as Sun Xueyou’s words fell, the scene had officially begun. Almost everyone gathered around the sidelines to watch the people shoot the scene. They had all heard the conversation just now, and they all wanted to see how far Luo Lingxing could go.

“Senior brother, we’re surrounded,” Huangfu Yue said while back to back with Shen Anyang.

“Junior brother, are you scared?” Shen Anyang asked.

“Scared? I, Huangfu Yue, have never tasted fear before.” The corner of Huangfu Yue’s mouth hooked up in an arc. He laughed wantonly and openly.

Shen Anyang turned his head and glanced at his laughing figure. His heartbeat stopped. He liked seeing his junior brother’s brash and confident appearance the most. And with that handsome appearance, it lured people from looking away.

“Since that’s the case, let’s give them a taste of fear.” The corners of Shen Anyang’s mouth formed into a deeper smile. His eyes glared at those people clothed in black. They looked like an endless pit, sucking people in.

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