IMG Chapter 160 The Second You

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Chen Hongliang felt that his three views had been renewed. He didn’t know until now. The film queen who he’d always treated as a goddess was actually this kind of person. It turned out that there was this kind of matter back then. He always thought that Zhao Mengran’s marriage to the son of the boss of Star Entertainment was a happy fate. It turned out to be actually like this…

If those fans who sincerely wished Zhao Mengran to marry into a wealthy family and have a happy marriage knew the truth, they would probably be very disappointed. At least he was very disappointed.

“But didn’t he leave the agent circle?” Chen Hongliang shook his head and put aside Zhao Mengran’s affairs for now. The most important thing was to find an agent for Luo Lingxing.

“Under that situation, even if he was unwilling, he had no choice. Although he has withdrawn from the agent circle for many years, his connections are still there. Moreover, he really likes being an agent. It’s because Star Entertainment banned him that no other company dares to hire him. Other places might be afraid, but our studio isn’t. I believe that as long as he comes back, he will definitely lead Xiao Luo to go higher and further,” Xiao Ming insisted. Although he wasn’t certain regarding the background of the studio, he had an inexplicable confidence in Jun Ling Studio. He believed that Jun Ling Studio wouldn’t merely be a small studio in the future.

“How is his character?” Luo Lingxing, who hadn’t spoken this entire time, suddenly said.

“His character is very good,” Xiao Ming assured.

“Then let’s use him,” Luo Lingxing made the final decision. To him, it didn’t matter if the agent lacked professional skills. As long as they were trustworthy. He didn’t want to deal with people with bad personalities around him.

“Alright. I’ll visit Guan Anhua soon. I hope he isn’t completely disappointed in the entertainment industry,” Chen Hongliang said. He had great trust in Guan Anhua’s professional ability. Since Xiao Luo had already decided, then he had to handle this matter well. Otherwise, he would be able to deal with the studio’s matter with a piece of mind.

The studio and agent matters had finished. Everyone’s mood was a lot more relaxed.

“You guys should rest for a while as well. You will have to head to the set this afternoon,” Chen Hongliang told Xiao Ming and Ye Luohan.

“We’ll see you this afternoon.”

“Luoluo, rest well. You should come with us as well,” Ye Luohan pointed at Chen Hongliang and said.

The corner of Chen Hongliang’s mouth twitched, but he didn’t refuse. In any case, he planned to leave soon anyway.

After Chen Hongliang separated from them, Ye Luohan said to Xiao Ming, “Give me a copy of Guan Anhua’s information.”

“Got it. Don’t worry. He will definitely be able to lead Xiao Luo to the peak. Perhaps Xiao Luo would be second after you,” Xiao Ming said. He really thought this in his heart.

Luo Lingxing had the looks, skills, background, and he was a good person. As long as he didn’t encounter any big obstacles, he would definitely reach the peak and become famous.

“Luoluo is Luoluo,” Ye Luohan said in a cold tone. He wouldn’t become second place because he was one of a kind in this world.

“Okay, okay, I got it. He will definitely surpass you. It’s fine now, right?” Xiao Ming helplessly said. Ye Luohan gave him a look that said “that sounds about right”, making him even more speechless.

On the other hand, when Luo Lingxing was left in the room alone, he didn’t go to rest. Although his physique wasn’t good, he was a cultivator, so due to cultivating spiritual energy, he wasn’t tired right now.

Remembering yesterday’s press conference, Luo Lingxing decided to go online to see the articles written by the reporters. After all, this was the first company he established in this world. He couldn’t enjoy the fruits of his labor without caring about everything else. That would be too unprofessional.

He opened the terminal, and sure enough, articles about Jun Ling Studio were everywhere. Those reporters who had participated in the studio’s conference had more detailed articles. The reporters who hadn’t participated also wrote several articles. Overall, they were all positive. After all, the first person to sign with Jun Ling Studio was the number one person in the entertainment industry. There wasn’t a single reporter who dared to write a negative article for the time being. Otherwise they would just be waiting to be attacked.

Luo Lingxing casually browsed the articles with a few glances, but there was one that caught his eye.

The article wasn’t too exaggerated nor was it too glamorous. It just showed the real situation of Jun Ling Studio to the public. This was easier for the netizens to accept.

Luo Lingxing looked at the author of the article. Media outlet: Media Bulletin, Author: Miao Honghong.

Luo Lingxing carefully recalled the situation of yesterday’s press conference, and soon remembered what the author looked like. Probably nobody knew this. Luo Lingxing didn’t speak much yesterday, but he clearly remembered all the reporters who came to the event and their companies, as well as the attitude and words of those reporters.

This left a deep impression on him. At the least, they weren’t as snobbish as other reporters, and their questions were related to the topic of the conference. The most important thing was that she took her interview questions very seriously, which was a rare thing within the reporter industry.

Since the studio was on the right track. It was impossible to do everything alone. Making friends with some reporters and people in the media world would definitely be beneficial to the studio.

Luo Lingxing’s impression of Miao Honghong and Media Bulletin was quite good. He wanted to understand them a bit more. To him, if he wanted to make friends with a person or company, they had to have a good character. The rest could be talked about.

Clicking on Media Bulletin’s homepage, it was full of relevant articles for the day. The article related to Jun Ling Studio was the largest and in the most conspicuous place on the page.

With the development of time, paper was used less and less. Whether it was the newspaper or the press, it was all basically electronic now. As long as you click on the media outlet’s homepage, the latest report of the day will be displayed. According to the layout of traditional newspapers, the most important information would naturally be in the most conspicuous headline position.

If you wanted to see past articles, you could click the link on the lower right corner.

In addition to the article about Jun Ling Studio, there were also reports on recent events in the entertainment industry, such as Han Yameng being arrested for drug use, some celebrities’ affair scandals, etc. Of course, there were also some interviews with some well-known celebrities.

Luo Lingxing casually browsed the page. When he was about to close the page, he suddenly saw a familiar name—Zhao Mengran.

This was an interview with Zhao Mengran. Originally, he didn’t have any impression of this female star, everyone was discussing this woman earlier. Moreover, his future agent was also entangled with this woman, so she naturally couldn’t be ignored.

After roughly reading the interview, Luo Lingxing didn’t have a good impression of Zhao Mengran, who was being interviewed, and the reporter who did the interview.

He pursed his lips. Although he wasn’t very good at operating the studio, he was still good at judging people. He didn’t know what Guan Anhua saw in a pretentious woman like this in the first place. His vision was too bad. He had to upgrade his vision once his new agent started.

In the afternoon, Luo Lingxing returned to the set and was warmly welcomed back. The celebrities and crew members stepped up one after another to congratulate Luo Lingxing and Ye Luohan on signing the contract. Regardless of what they thought in their hearts, they had to at least show congratulations on their faces.

“Haha, you’re amazing, kid. You secretly signed God Ye. Not bad. Your future is immeasurable.”

Sun Xueyou laughed as he spoke.

“That’s right. Xiao Luo is so young. I didn’t expect him to be so talented. Not only does he have great acting skills, even his studio is prospering and becoming more powerful than many entertainment companies. You can’t forget about us when you develop even further in the future,” Yao Qingqing said with a smile, but there was a trace of jealousy in her eyes.

“Xiao Luo, congratulations. I didn’t expect you to take leave to do this. Isn’t this too mean. You didn’t even tell us. When we saw the news yesterday, we were all so confused. If I didn’t have another two years on my contract, I would want to go to your studio as well,” a male celebrity who usually didn’t speak much came up and said, acting like they were good brothers and were familiar with each other.

“Luoluo, congratulations. You’re so amazing. Countless companies compete for God Ye. My contract is about to expire, can I go to your company as well?” Su Yang asked with a smile on his face. He didn’t pay attention to whether the current situation was appropriate to ask this question. Meanwhile, Su Qing, who was beside him, had a dark expression.

Su Qing couldn’t wait to seal Su Yang’s uncontrollable mouth at that moment. It wasn’t suitable to say that kind of thing in public. Even if they had this intention, they should ask in private. What a fool!

Su Yang’s contract was about to expire, and he’d discussed with Su Qing regarding his plans of staying with his current agency or not. It just so happened that he and Luo Lingxing got along as well. Instead of staying in an agency that blocked him, it was better to go somewhere else. So Su Yang asked directly and didn’t think much about it.

Some of the artists who heard this were surprised. Some were happy to see this drama, after all, as soon as Su Yang spoke the words, he would be unable to stay at his previous agency, and had probably even offended them.

Things like moving companies were usually taken in place in private. After all, this would tarnish the reputation of the previous company. If this was solved in private, both sides could save face. But once it was mentioned in public, it was bound to offend the original company.

At this time, most of the other agencies would not extend an olive branch. After all, if they bring in Su Yang, they might offend Su Yang’s previous agency. Most people would not offend an agency for the sake of a newcomer.

Therefore, everyone thought that Luo Lingxing would also reject Su Yang. After all, Su Yang wasn’t a popular celebrity.

Su Qing understood the secret rules of the industry. He hated that Su Yang wasn’t meeting his expectations. If he acted like this now, then his future might be even more difficult.

Sigh… Su Qing deeply sighed in his heart. As he was thinking of how to help Su Yang overcome this, he heard Luo Lingxing say, “Okay. But Brother Chen will be in charge of this in the future. Have Brother Su go look for Brother Chen later.”

“That’s great. We can be in the same agency in the future.” Su Yang happily jumped;. He was overflowing with happiness.

Luo Lingxing didn’t have a bad impression of this simple boy who had a similar personality to Xia Yuan.

On the other hand, the others who heard this had complexity in their eyes. They really couldn’t understand what Luo Lingxing was thinking. Whether he truly understood or pretended to understand. At the same time, they felt envious and jealous of Su Yang’s good luck.

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