IMG Chapter 159 Multiple-Choice Question

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Luo Lingxing’s face was covered in a layer of red because of the kiss, making him look very tender and attractive. If it weren’t for fear of scaring the person in his arms, Han Junzhan might have kissed him again.

“Quickly eat,” Luo Lingxing shyly said with a bit of anger. He ignored Han Junzhan, but the blush on his face didn’t subside. He became even more red instead.

Han Junzhan didn’t dare stir up too much trouble, so he obediently ate.

“When are you leaving today? I’ll send you to the space station.” Han Junzhan endured it for a long time and finally couldn’t bear it anymore. So he found another topic.

“Two o’clock in the afternoon,” Luo Lingxing said, but his gaze was fixed on the bun in front of him. “Brother Chen will pick me up.”

“It’s fine. I’m heading out as well. It’s on the way.” Han Junzhan consciously ignored the second half of the sentence as he spoke the truth. He was heading to the space station as well, anyway.

Luo Lingxing didn’t refuse. After eating, he sent a text message to Chen Hongliang to let him know that he didn’t need to be picked up in the afternoon. They could just meet at the space station. Chen Hongliang quickly replied to the text message to say that he understood.

Han Junzhan put all the food and drinks that Luo Lingxing made for him in the morning inside his space button. This was the food Luo Lingxing had made for him out of love. It couldn’t be given to anyone else. Not a single soul!

And so, Han Junzhan, who had always been generous, started to have a tendency of protecting his food and being petty.

In the afternoon, Han Junzhan drove his dashing hover car that he rarely drove. They drove to the space station where Xiao Ming and Chen Hongliang were already waiting.

“Brother Chen, Brother Xiao,” Luo Lingxing got out of the car and greeted them.

“Xiao Luo, you’re here. Um…Young master Han…Mr. Han, hello.” When Chen Hongliang saw Han Junzhan, who was walking behind Luo Lingxing, he immediately felt pressure.

When he received Luo Lingxing’s text message saying he didn’t need to be picked up, he knew that Major General Han was going to personally drop Xiao Luo off.

Although he hadn’t met Major General Han many times, every single time, he would still be shocked by the other party’s powerful aura, leaving him feeling pressured and breathless. He really was worthy of being this nation’s hero who had fought many bloody battles on the battlefield. He was awe-inspiring.

Han Junzhan only nodded toward Chen Hongliang.

“Luohan hasn’t arrived yet?” Luo Lingxing looked left and right and found that Luo Lingxing wasn’t there. He thought that he would be the last one to arrive.

“Luohan had some matters to take care of. He’ll probably be here soon.” Xiao Ming looked at Han Junzhan, then at Luo Lingxing. The corners of his mouth twitched.

Ye Luohan was clearly right in front of him, but this was something that only he knew and couldn’t be said out loud. This feeling was very refreshing.

However, he was looking forward to Luo Lingxing’s expression when he found out that Han Junzhan and Ye Luohan were the same person. He was excited to see Han Junzhan’s end as well, which might be interesting. This was the only reason he didn’t reveal his identity right now.

“Then I’ll leave first. I’ll pick you up when you return,” Han Junzhan said to Luo Lingxing. If he continued to stay there, Ye Luohan wouldn’t be able to appear.

“Mn, okay.” This was the first time Han Junzhan had sent Luo Lingxing to the space station but didn’t wait for him to enter the station before leaving. However, nobody noticed this fact.

In less than ten minutes, Ye Luohan rushed over. One could tell that he was in a rush just by looking at his appearance.

“Have you finished your matters? There’s no need to rush. There’s still an hour before boarding,” Luo Lingxing saw Ye Luohan’s anxious appearance and comforted him.

Ye Luohan softly smiled. “It’s fine. Let’s go inside and wait.”

 —The four of them sat in the waiting room to wait for the ship to board. Luo Lingxing remembered that he hadn’t asked Chen Hongliang regarding his opinion of the studio, so he asked, “Brother Chen, do you prefer to manage the studio or do you want to continue being an agent?”

Chen Hongliang obviously didn’t expect Luo Lingxing to ask this. He was puzzled for a while and felt a bit flustered for no reason. He thought that he’d done something wrong.

“Xiao Luo, I…” Chen Hongliang quickly wanted to explain.

Luo Lingxing reached out his hand and placed it on Chen Hongliang’s shoulder. He comforted him, “Brother Chen, don’t worry. There’s no other meaning. Our studio is on track and there will be a lot of work. If you manage the studio on one hand while having to worry about my affairs on the other, you’ll definitely be tired. Therefore, I wanted to ask which work you liked more. If you like managing the studio, I will leave the management of the studio to you. If you want to stay as an agent, I will find some professional managers to help reduce your burden. I don’t want to see you so busy everyday that you don’t even have time to sleep. That way, other people will say that I’m taking advantage of my people.” Chen Hongliang never thought that Luo Lingxing thought this way about him. Instantly, his heart felt sour, swollen, and warm.

If it weren’t for Luo Lingxing, he might still be living in that small one-bedroom apartment, depressed, and living the life of a poor and dejected uncle. He would have entered old age quickly. But not only was he now Luo Lingxing’s agent, he had watched Luo Lingxing open his own studio and make a name for himself. His road would definitely go smoother and better. He didn’t think about this before.

Therefore, whether he continued to manage the studio or become Luo Lingxing’s agent in the future, his future was bright. Moreover, all of this was given to him by the youth in front of him.

“Xiao Luo, it’s up to you to decide. I can do anything.” Chen Hongliang felt that he had obtained a lot. How could he be greedy to choose?

“Hongliang, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. If you choose to continue being an agent in the future, you will devote yourself to finding resources for Luo Lingxing and expand your personal connections. With Xiao Luo’s qualifications, he’ll become a film king sooner or later. When the time comes, you’ll definitely be a gold level agent. If you choose to manage the studio, then you would be our boss in the future, haha…” Xiao Ming said with a smile, easing the somewhat serious atmosphere.

“Brother Chen, I hope you can think it over carefully. Think about what you like to do before you answer me,” Luo Lingxing said.

“Okay, I got it. I’ll think it over,” Chen Hongliang earnestly said. Regardless of what he chose, he definitely couldn’t break the trust Xiao Luo had in him. He wanted Xiao Luo to go even further and higher.

Chen Hongliang thought for a long time on the spaceship. When they arrived at Film World, he finally thought it through.

Ye Luohan and Xiao Ming didn’t return to their room first but followed Luo Lingxing to his room with Chen Hongliang. After all, these two were now members of Jun Ling Studio. They were considered senior figures.

“Xiao Luo, I’ve thought it through. I’ve always liked being an agent, and I of course, still like it even now. However, ever since I started managing the studio, I realized that I like handling the studio’s matters even more. Although the matters are complicated, I have a great sense of accomplishment after I settle them,” Chen Hongliang firmly said to Luo Lingxing.

“Since you’ve made the decision, then I respect it. From now on, you’ll be the studo’s general manager. You’ll be in charge of signing and arranging artists. In a few days, a few professionals will come over to help you handle the studio’s matters.”

Luo Lingxing told him, but he didn’t say that those people were sent over by his third brother.

“Okay, but I’ll find a suitable agent for you first before I leave here,” Chen Hongliang said. He was full of expectations for the future.

“Haha, not bad, Hongliang. You’ll be our boss in the future,” Xiao Ming joked.

“Of course not,” Chen Hongliang said, embarrassed. He dared not claim to be Ye Luohan and Xiao Ming’s boss. One was a top superstar in the entertainment industry, and the other was a gold level agent. Both could be considered a pillar of the studio. For the studio to develop well, they would also rely on them.

“If Xiao Luo needs to find a new agent, I have someone I can recommend,” Xiao Ming hesitated for a second before saying.

“Who?” Chen Hongliang quickly asked. He was even more anxious than Luo Lingxing. He definitely couldn’t affect Luo Lingxing’s future, so he had to be cautious about who he picked to be the new agent.

“Guan Anhua,” Xiao Ming said.

“Guan Anhua? Are you talking about the agent who represents the film queen, Zhao Mengran? The agent that was later banned by Star Entertainment?” Chen Hongliang asked.

He had heard a bit about Guan Anhua before, after all, when that person was an agent, he had just entered the industry. He only knew that this person represented the film queen and didn’t know what happened for him to get banned by Star Entertainment. Nowadays, few people knew his name.

“Yes, him. His status in the agent circle was very high back then. He represented one A-list celebrity after another, and he’d even pushed Zhao Mengran onto the throne. It could be said that he single-handedly brought her to being a film queen. He also became a gold level agent. It’s a shame that after the film queen became famous, she turned her back on him. She harmed Guan Anhua and got him banned from Star Entertainment.” Xiao Ming’s teeth itched with anger when he thought of this.

Guan Anhua was a good friend of his who had entered the industry at the same time as him. The two both aimed to be gold level agents. They encouraged and helped each other. Later, when the artist he represented, Ye Luohan, won film king, the person Guan Anhua represented, Zhao Mengran, also won film queen.The two became gold level agents together.

They should have lived willfully, but who knew that Guan Anhua would be banned from Star entertainment after. Not only was he expelled, they ordered other agencies to not accept him. Guan Anhua became completely disappointed in the entertainment industry and withdrew from the agent circle.

“Do you mean Guan Anhua left because of film queen Zhao?” Chen Hongliang asked in disbelief. Zhao Mengran was this generation’s goddess, including his. Moreover, even if Zhao Mengran had passed her prime and had already married, her status in the entertainment industry was still very high. Even if it wasn’t as high as Ye Luohan’s it was still very good.

“Hmph. That fickle woman knows how to pretend very well. So many fans have been blinded by her.” As soon as Xiao Ming spoke of Zhao Mengran, he was full of indignation for his friend.

When Guan Anhua and Zhao Mengran were dating, Zhao Mengran was a newcomer who had just entered the industry. It was precisely because Guan Anhua liked Zhao Mengran that he was resolved to represent Zhao Mengran, who had just entered the industry, even after he’d gained some success.

Their relationship wasn’t public, and only a few friends knew about it. When Zhao Mengran became film queen and gained an even more powerful support, she kicked Guan Anhua to the curb. Because of this woman, not only did Guan Anhua sacrifice his feelings, he’d also sacrificed his future. It really wasn’t worth it!

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