IMG Chapter 158 Pink Kiss

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Now that he’d thought about it, this problem must be resolved as soon as possible.

Although he thought it was better for Chen Hongliang to manage the studio, since he knew the bottom line and he’d been handling the affairs since the beginning. Plus, he was trustworthy.

However, his wishes must still be respected.

“I’ll ask for his opinion tomorrow,” Luo Lingxing said.

“Mm. If he’s willing to manage the studio, you can make him a manager and delegate power to him. If he wants to continue being your agent, I will send a professional manager to you,” Luo Bingze said. He had investigated Chen Hongliang before. This person treated Luo Lingxing well and was trustworthy.

“Mn, I got it.”  “Also, I transferred some management personnel from my company to help you. They will definitely manage your studio very neatly and develop it into a well-known company in the industry.” Luo Bingze was very confident this would happen. After all, he was Luo Bingze’s younger brother, so how could lack anything?

“Okay, then I’ll be troubling you, Third brother.” A stone finally lifted from his heart. Luo Lingxing was a lot more relaxed now. Regardless of the path Chen Hongliang chose in the future, he would be able to sit back and reap the benefits of being an off-hand manager. In any case, the people Third brother sent definitely wouldn’t have any issues. When Luo Lingxing finished the video call with Luo Bingze, he had wanted to call Chen Hongliang, but he remembered that they would meet up tomorrow. It was better to chat in person.

However, soon the terminal rang again. Luo Lingxing glanced at it and saw it was Xia Yuan calling.

“Xiao Luoluo, I saw the press conference today. You’re so amazing. You actually started your own studio.” Xia Yuan’s delicate little face had a big smile.

“How is your competition going?” Luo Lingxing had watched it one more time, but then he didn’t have time to watch anymore. Therefore, he didn’t know how the other party’s results were.

“There’s no issues. With my amazing voice, how could the judges eliminate me?” Xia Yuan said, but his narcissism wasn’t annoying. Instead, it made him seem cuter.

“That’s good,” Luo Lingxing laughed and said. He cherished his friend, despite him being a lot younger.

“Luoluo, Xiao Luoluo, I’m going to debut once my competition ends. When the time comes, Xiao Kai and I will sign with your studio, okay?” Xia Yuan said with bright eyes.

His family had already found a good agency for Xiao Kai and him. It was also one of the best agencies in the industry, but he still wanted to be in the same company as Xiao Luoluo. Since Xiao Luoluo opened his own studio, then of course it was better for him to join it.

“Okay,” Luo Lingxing cheerfully agreed. He understood the other party’s personality, after all. Xia Yuan’s performance on the stage last time also left a deep impression on him. He believed that Xia Yuan would become popular sooner or later.

“Yay… That’s great! I can be in the same agency as Xiao Luoluo in the future.” Xia Yuan happily jumped up. If Yang Zekai was at the dorm right now, his expression would definitely be dark.

“Oh, right. Xiao Luoluo, after you watched my competition last time, my voting popularity suddenly rose. You don’t know how surprised the organizer was at that time. They even suspected that I bought the votes. It was only later that they found out that it was because you had posted a Weibo. So all your fans ran to vote for me. Hehe, Xiao Luoluo, you’re really popular. I see that you have over a million fans on Weibo. Moreover, it’s still rising like crazy. It’ll reach tens of millions soon,” Xia Yuan happily said. Every time he thought about the matter, he felt that it was incredible. Just because Luo Lingxing posted a Weibo, as a result, his votes that week far exceeded the second place until he had firmly secured the first place.

“Once you debut, your popularity definitely won’t be low either,” Luo Lingxing laughed and said. Although he went on the virtual network that day, the virtual network was an imitation of reality. Therefore, the senses were very real. He clearly saw that when Xia Yuan appeared, the Power of Faith emitted by the fans, especially when he’d sung, was several times richer than before. It surrounded Xia Yuan, covering him in a layer of soft, white light. Unfortunately, it merely revolved around him, but he was unable to absorb it into his body.

Every time Luo Lingxing witnessed a situation like this, he felt extremely sorry for the Power of Faith. However, no one in this world knew the method of cultivation, so he could only let the Power of Faith be wasted.

“Hehe, I hope so. Xiao Kai came to urge me to sleep. I’ll give you a video call next time.” Xia Yuan smiled and waved goodnight.

“Good night.” Luo Lingxing turned off the terminal and lay in bed, thinking about the Power of Faith in this world.

So far in this world, he was the only one who could see the Power of Faith. Every time he witnessed the Power of Faith surrounding the celebrities, he thought it was a shame. Under normal circumstances, he would block out the Power of Faith so that he could avoid feeling distress.

What surprised him was Han Junzhan and Ye Luohan, because the Power of Faith that surrounded them was so thick that it almost materialized. If the other parties knew the cultivation method, they would definitely be able to cultivate to a high point.

Ye Luohan was the top existence in the entertainment industry. His fans were numerous, so it was natural that his Power of Faith would be thick. On the other hand, Han Junzhan was the hero of the country. Many people regarded him as their life idol, that was why his Power of Faith is also very rich.

Luo Lingxing faintly thought that perhaps he could pass on the cultivation method that he had accidently obtained in his previous life to Han Junzhan. It was a very domineering and advanced cultivation method. It required the cultivator to be baptized in killing. Their will had to be strong, and they  must have a talent for cultivation. Their advancement would also be faster than other cultivators of the same level.

When he got this secret book, he had already started cultivating with his master. Moreover, this secret method wasn’t suitable for his own cultivation. During that time, he had never accepted apprentices either, so he’d never taught it to others. Moreover, Han Junzhan’s situation was more suitable for cultivating that secret cultivation method. After all, he was the hero that had come down from the field of blood. Being baptized in killing wasn’t an issue.

However, he still needed to observe the other party’s cultivation talent. Therefore, he should get a good night’s rest now. He didn’t need to rush this matter.

Luo Lingxing got up early the next morning. When he lay in the soft bed, he didn’t want to get up. However, when he thought of having to leave this afternoon, he still tried his bed to get up, because he wanted to cook everyone breakfast.

He first made the noodles, then cooked the millet porridge. Afterwards, he prepared the filling, since he planned to make buns, pies, and steamed dumplings today.

The pork and shitake mushroom, and winter shoot and vegetables dumplings he made last time were very tasty, so Luo Lingxing decided to make more of those. He also made red bean paste filling for a change of taste.

He soaked the red beans first, then added brown sugar and a little vegetable oil to cook them together in the pressure cooking. When the water was almost boiling, the red beans had become soft at this time. The red beans were then pureed, then set aside to cool for later.

The pork and shiitake mushroom filling along with the winter shoots and vegetable fillings were relatively easy to make. They were ready in no time.

Because of the limited time, and he needed to make a lot of things, he didn’t make small buns like last time. He made the buns the size of an adult man’s first, but they still looked white and plump and very cute.

In addition to the pork with shiitake mushrooms, and winter shoots with vegetables, there was also the red bean paste filling. The warm red bean paste was already firm. It was perfect to be used inside the pie.

In addition, Luo Lingxing also made a lot of small steamed dumplings. If Aunt Lin was in the kitchen at the moment, she would be surprised, because these things couldn’t be finished by the people in the Han residence. If a single person was eating it, all the food would last over a week. This showed just how much Luo Lingxing made.

By the time Han Junzhan woke up, Luo Lingxing had already prepared breakfast and set the table.

“Come eat,” Luo Lingxing greeted Han Junzhan.

Han Junzhan looked at the buns, pies, and steamed buns on the table. He knew that they were made by Luo Lingxing.

“It’s rare for you to come back, so why didn’t you rest more?” Han Junzhan felt both happy and distressed. It was rare for them to have a day off and get enough sleep. When he went back, he would have to work overtime to film.

“It’s fine. I went to bed early yesterday,” Luo Lingxing replied with a smile. Perhaps, he himself hadn’t realized that he was acting like a wife who woke up early to cook for their husband.

Han Junzhan’s expression softened a lot. There was a smile lifting at the corner of his lips. He sat at the table and picked up the food and porridge prepared by Luo Lingxing. Before eating, he felt warmth and sweetness in his heart.

“The buns had pork with shiitake mushroom and bamboo shoots and vegetables filling. The pie is red bean paste, and the steamed dumplings only have meat and vegetables,” Luo Lingxing introduced each one.

Han Junzhan took a bite of the pork filling bun. Although he had already tried it last time, he still thought it was very delicious. There was even a hint of sweetness in it.

“There are still a lot of freshly steamed ones in the kitchen. You should take them with you in your space button for when you go on missions. That way, you can take them out to eat whenever you want,” Luo Lingxing said. He also knew that doing missions outside meant that he wasn’t able to eat or sleep well. How would he have energy to do missions that way? Of course, he should eat well to gain more energy. In any case, the space button had a fresh-keeping function. Anything that was put in would be in the same condition when taken out.

Hearing this, Han Junzhan stopped eating and intently stared at Luo Lingxing. Because at that moment, what he wanted to eat more than the buns was…Luo Lingxing.

Luo Lingxing felt the blazing gaze. He looked at Han Junzhan, who had stopped eating, with some puzzlement. Just as he was about to speak, he felt two soft lips gently press against his lips. His eyes widened.

Han Junzhan carefully memorized Luo Lingxing’s expression. Over and over again, he felt that it wasn’t enough. It was different from the first accidental kiss. This time, the kiss was done after he had figured out his feelings for Luo Lingxing. It made it more fascinating and sweeter than the first time.

“Hmmm…” Luo Lingxing couldn’t help but groan. Han Junzhan used this opportunity to slide his tongue inside and attacked very wantonly. He was obviously much more skilled than the first time, making Luo Lingxing feel even more overwhelmed.

There was no other choice. He really couldn’t bear it. He didn’t expect that his Luoluo would actually think this much and even made his future meals. This greatly moved him. And especially looking at those pink lips, he really couldn’t hold back.

“Luoluo, thank you.” Han Junzhan released Luo Lingxing’s lips but didn’t release the person. He happily held him and spoke.

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