IMG Chapter 9 Starting Out Again

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“You just have to do your best to find roles. You don’t have to worry about anything else,” Luo Lingxing calmly said.

He learned a lot of matters revolving around the entertainment industry in the last year. He understood that if he didn’t get any exposure, he wouldn’t attract any fans and that, of course, means that Power of Faith wouldn’t be produced. He also learned that all the celebrities here used something called a ‘celebrity system’. This system can help the celebrity complete difficult movements or techniques and the system would be able to do more difficult movements as it upgrades. The moves, however, ended up being stiff. This was the defect of the system and there hasn’t been a way to resolve it up till now. 

As for an AI script, a group would follow the written script to deliver the set moves. The actors would only need to study the group’s moves, then learn and modify them. The more capable the group is, the more helpful they are, leading to more natural acting from the celebrities. 

However, Luo Lingxing doesn’t need any of these things. He can rely on himself for acting. He did, after all, experience numerous different lifestyles in his past life. He was very confident about acting out other people. As for those highly difficult moves, they were a trifling matter for him. He didn’t need to rely on a system’s help at all.

The most difficult matter right now is the fact that his company would not actively help him find roles since he’s already been shelved. However, he still has two years left on the contract with the company, so if he terminates the contract now, he would have to pay a huge penalty. Although the Luo Family could afford this penalty amount, Luo Lingxing didn’t want to give the company easy money. In any case, he doesn’t plan on signing with another company after terminating his current contract so it doesn’t really matter if he terminated it now or not.

Since they won’t help him, then he could only do his best on his own.

When Chen Hongliang saw the boy in the screen’s determined look, he became silent.

The youth seemed to have matured a lot after not meeting for a year. They could try to create their own place in the entertainment industry.

“Okay, I understand. I’ll do my best to help you find a role. Rest for now and gather your spirit. Wait for my good news.” Chen Hongliang changed his previous dejected attitude. Although the future prospects were dark, regardless, he still would have needed to find that glimmer of light.

Although he may have a low agent system, fortunately, he’s someone that’s been fumbling in this industry for years, he still had a lot of contacts. Even if he had to throw caution in the wind, he would find a role for Luo Lingxing. Once he finds a role, he firmly believes that once Luo Lingxing would definitely occupy a position in the Entertainment industry, even without a system.

Perhaps Luo Lingxing may even become the person who creates a legend in the entertainment industry. It’s totally baseless, but that was the prenomation he had.

Brimming with hope for the future, Chen Hongliang rushed to tidy himself up. He completely shaved the beard that he donned for a long time. He finally washed the hair that he hadn’t washed in a long time. He even made some small modifications and found the suit that he isn’t usually willing to wear. He called a hover car to go visit some friends that he hadn’t contacted in a while.

Once Luo Lingxing hung up, he threw himself on the bed and comfortably rolled around. His whole body was relaxed as he planned his future.

Recovering his cultivation is the most important thing right now. Therefore, he must have a firm standing in the entertainment industry. Although the people in this world don’t know how to cultivate, if he doesn’t have his cultivation, he doesn’t have a sense of security. He was very unaccustomed to that.

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If anyone is confused about the way acting is done in this world, I’ll explain a bit more. Most celebrities have an ‘acting system’ that basically does all the acting for them and they are just the figure head, the acting will look stiff using this method. Celebrities without systems will have a group act out a script meant for easier acting, or AI script, and then the celebrity will just copy their moves.

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