BLL Chapter 1 Woke Up

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The man lying on the bed frowned, feeling very uncomfortable in his sleep. As if suddenly being woken by a nightmare, he sat up, opened his eyes, and raised his left hand to block the piercing light. Lin Lixuan shook his head as his vision gradually became clear. He looked around. His mind was still a mess, and he didn’t recognize where he was.

“Hiss…” Lin Lixuan sucked in a deep breath. His entire body felt numb, as if something heavy was crushing him.

He tightly fisted the crude sheets under him. His surroundings were no longer familiar. The wooden frame with pasted paper covering the windows was old and yellowed with a few holes through them the size of fingers. The piercing light had penetrated the room through those holes. It was daytime outside. Using the faint light, Lin Lixuan examined the inside of the room.

After looking at everything, Lin Lixuan sighed at how dilapidated and messy the room was. The room wasn’t large. It was probably as wide as three or four tables lined up together. Miscellaneous items were messily piled up. From the cracks on the wooden beams to the holes in the wall, one could see the thick layer of dust accumulated. The remains of a broken brush lay in a corner. It was unknown if the black blotches on the wall were splashed with ink or residue left by the peeling outer wall.

The room was very dark, and the only color inside the room was the red piece of paper pasted on the wall beside the window. It swayed in the wind, and under the darkness, one would think it was a charm used by a master to summon ghosts.

Besides that, the quilt he was covered with was also red. It was made with a very coarse cloth and was very wrinkled. It felt as hard as paper. If he slapped it, it might even make the piercing sound of crackling silk.

What was even more shocking was that he wasn’t the only person under the quilt. Lin Lixuan pulled the quilt and the other person moved their arm uncomfortably, muttering but not waking up.

That person was a skinny young man. His bare arms were as thin as dried wood. There wasn’t much meat on his handsome face, making others feel like there was only a layer of flesh stuck to his bones. It seemed as if he had suffered a few years of famine. His long hair was as dry as hay, but his skin was very pale. The kind of pale that hinted at fragility. It could also be said as the unhealthy and haggard kind of pale.

Dry tears stained the corner of the young man’s eyes. His weak body was covered in ambiguous red marks. Looking at these traces Lin Lixuan slowly recalled his memories. He remembered everything that had happened last night, as well as this young man’s identity.

The boy was his newlywed “wife”, or more accurately, the “wife” of his current body.

Thinking about it, it really was mystical.

Yesterday, he was still a critically ill patient lying in the hospital bed, but today, he woke up in a different body and came to a world that was different from the one he knew.

According to this body’s final memories, Lin Lixuan learned that the world he was in now definitely wasn’t his original one. In addition to men and women, there was another existence in this world called Shuang’er. They looked the same as men, but they could get pregnant and have children like women. Shuang’ers are characterized by the red mole in the center of their eyebrows, commonly known as pregnancy mole. The redder and brighter the color, the higher the fertility of the Shuang’er. This world, like ancient Chinese society, placed high importance on men. The status of women was very low, and the status of Shuang’er was even lower than women’s.

The young man lying beside him was a Shuang’er. Lin Lixuan sighed in his heart: This really was a mystical world!

In his past life, Lin Lixuan was the leader of a multinational company. Although he was born with a golden spoon in his mouth, his business empire was single-handedly obtained by himself. Lin Lixuan, who was at the peak of his career, was unexpectedly diagnosed with stomach cancer. He usually had stomach problems, and it was a recurring problem. When the symptoms showed up again, at first, he thought it was the same old issue. He didn’t take it seriously. It wasn’t until he was sent to the hospital that he found out that his cancer was terminal.

He was terminally ill without a cure.

Lin Lixuan, who was sentenced to death, was not like other patients who were struggling with death. He calmly waited for death. His overly rational composure amazed the doctors and nurses who cared for him and who felt sorry for him.

As he was dying, the nurse with a few freckles on their face as if he had any wishes? Lin Lixuan shook his head. He wasn’t close with his relatives. His father didn’t love his mother and was cold-hearted all his life. there was nothing he felt nostalgic for. The red and swollen eyes of his fiancee who cried affectionately for him didn’t even move his heart. He was even more interested in looking at her fake eyelashes that were wet and shiny black from tears.

The moment death came, Lin Lixuan only felt relieved.

People who have never been afflicted by illness would never know the importance of a healthy body.

He rubbed his temples. The residual effects of the mediation stirred up, and a certain part of his lower body filled with desire. Lin Lixuan lifted the quilt, picked up the clothes beside him, and said inside his heart: What kind of medicine is this? How is it so strong?

Did the original owner die because of his medicine?

Last night was the wedding of the original owner and the young man. He didn’t know how, but he drank a glass of alcohol that was said to help “liven things up”. When he arrived, he’d already had a night of passion with the young man.

He hadn’t fully integrated with the body yet. The memories inside his mind were like shredded pieces of paper that he couldn’t piece together.

“Knock knock knock.” After three light taps, the door opened, creaking before it slammed against the wall. A middle-aged woman stepped inside.

The woman was about forty, her face was full of fatigue, but her spirit was unexpectedly vibrant. Her pair of eyes were radiant. Crossing the threshold, she stretched her neck to peek inside. When she saw Lin Lixuan, the joy inside her eyes increased.

Her dry lips moved and a voice filled with a loving tone sounded, “Xuan’Er, you’re awake?” The voice was as soft as a loving mother with her young son in her arms as she lulled the infant child to sleep.

Lin Lixuan had long been aware of the movements from outside and had quietly watched the woman enter. The light inside the room became brighter. The woman took in the scene inside the room, and a satisfied look flashed through her eyes.

Lin Lixuan fastened his belt. He’d never worn ancient clothes before, but he followed the body’s instincts and fragmented memories to tidy his clothes.

Zhao Liniang’s eyebrows and eyes were full of smiles. The wrinkles at the corner of her creased. They held a wedding for this child yesterday, and she had finally completed a big matter in her life.

This Shuang’er, although his parents were useless, as well as that older brother of his…the person himself was very diligent. He was handsome and could endure hardships. In the future…even after she was gone, there would be someone by Xuan’Er’s side to take care of him.

And if they gave birth to a child, the Lin family line would continue. She could feel at ease when she went to the underworld to see the old man again. Thinking of this, Zhao Liniang’s expression softened even more.

Lin Lixuan expressionlessly studied the woman. He knew that the woman who entered was this body’s mother, but he didn’t know how to speak to the other party?

Was he perhaps supposed to tell her that her son was already dead, and the person who occupied her son’s body was a different soul? If he said that, the other party definitely wouldn’t believe a single word. She would probably hug him and she cried about having a crazy fool for a son.

Correct, he was reborn into a fool’s body. He was even a scholar who went crazy.

The original owner was the only Xiucai1 in Jade Creek Village and had a fiance since he was young. The original owner became a Xiucai at seventeen. With a bright future, he was high-spirited. At that time, his fiance betrayed him, broke off the engagement, and married the son of Lin County’s county magistrate. The original owner’s engagement was suddenly broken off, so he naturally went to get an explanation. In the end, he wasn’t able to get an explanation and was even humiliated by the other party. “A shabby and pedantic Xiucai dares to come to my Wang family to cause trouble. Drive him out.” The servants dragged the Xiucai out and threw him on the streets. Onlookers pointed as they watched. How could the original owner endure such humiliation? His mind was blank for a while, so he tried to commit suicide by throwing himself in the river. Fortunately, a fisher saw him and saved him. Mother and Father Lin cried. The father called the mother to summon the doctor. His life was ultimately preserved, but he became a fool.

Jade Creek Village’s pride suddenly became Jade Creek Village’s laughingstock.

He read so many books that it made him stupid. This was worthy of committing suicide over. Lin Lixuan looked down on such cowardly actions, but now, he’d become this scholar who became a fool because his engagement was broken off.

This Xiucai’s name was also Lin Lixuan. He might have a connection with him in the world of spirits. Mysterious things like this were hard to explain. Lin Lixuan knew that he had become him and was occupying his body. He needed to live on in this person’s place, pay filial respects in his place, take care…of wife?

He glanced at the frail young man who had already woken up. The youth had big eyes that were black like pearls, but at this moment, they were filled with timidness. His slim fingers tightly grasped the corner of the quilt that covered him. His exposed shoulder still had traces of last night.

The person who had a relationship with the youth last night was him, so he should take responsibility. Although he wouldn’t fall in love with him, he could still take care of him and let him live a rich life.

Zhao Liniang carefully studied Lin Lixuan’s face and was shocked. Why did her son look different than usual? His usually dull eyes became spirited. His foolish smile was also gone—Was she seeing wrong?

The room was quiet. Lin Lixuan spoke, “Mother.” The person who was called trembled, and her pupils jumped. The shock on her face turned into a smile. Her entire face twisted.

“Xuan’Er, are you better?” Zhao Liniang strode forward, her left hand stretched out. “You’re really better!” As the woman came closer, encircled her arms around Lin Lixuan’s body, and spoke in a pampering manner. “Does your head hurt? How does your body feel? Should I call the doctor over to take a look…”

Lin Lixuan got a headache from her fussing. His mind was completely filled with the woman’s screeching voice. He helplessly waved his hand. “Can you get me some warm water?” His body was sticky and needed water to wipe himself.

As if receiving an official order, Zhao Liniang’s body shook. “Mother will warm up some water for you. Take a rest. You definitely can’t leave the bed! You can’t leave the bed! Have Ger2 Yan take care of you.” She shot a look at the skinny youth. The youth was Ger Yan. Only after he nodded did she feel relieved and left the room.

After Zhao Liniang left, Lin Lixuan felt more relaxed. He moved his hands and feet. This body was very lacking. It was the body of a weak scholar. It wasn’t any better than the youth beside him, who was so skinny he was basically a skeleton.

He glanced at Ger Yan and said to him, “You must be Ji Yan, right? Old Ji’s child?”

I’m back with a new novel! This one looked interesting so I thought I’d give it a try. It’s not too long either with only 89 chapters total, so I’m hoping to finish it by the end of this year! This is another farming novel with business elements in an ABO type world (can you see a trend of the novels I like xD). However! This time the novel is from the gong’s POV. I hope you follow along this journey with me and enjoy! Updates will be every Thursday.

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  1. Title given to someone who’s passed the county level imperial exam. ↩︎
  2. Another version of Shuang’er. I will be using Ger (name) as a title. Similar to Doctor (name), Auntie (name), and so on. ↩︎

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