BLL Chapter 24 Renting

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Lin Lixuan didn’t plan on taking the imperial examination. He didn’t have any interest in the “Four Books and Five Classics” of this period. Although he had some slight memories of the original owner and it wasn’t impossible for him to write the “eight part essay”, but in this kind of society where the imperial power ruled the world, why bother trying to fix the broken system? Lin Lixuan knew the reason why Zhao Liniang was obsessed with having him take the imperial examination and take the Zhao Liniang title was mainly due to Old Man Lin. Zhao Liniang was a normal villager’s wife. She didn’t have such great ambitions. She just wanted to live a better life. It was enough to live a life that would make her fellow villagers envious. Most normal people had this kind of desire.

Of course, Lin Lixuan wasn’t stupid and wouldn’t tell Zhao Liniang right this moment that he wasn’t going to continue studying. All goals needed time to be achieved and couldn’t be rushed.

They relied on mobile stalls to sell tofu pudding. Although they attracted people’s attention in Jade Creek Village, in fact, ten taels of silver per month couldn’t make any waves in the county town.

Lin Lixuan planned on renting a shop in the county town to sell mantou and soybean milk in the morning. During the day, they would sell all kinds of bean products and other kinds of food. Of course, the most important thing was to promote dried tofu, fried tofu, tofu skin, and other foods. Finally, it was best if they could sell ingredients. After the shop accumulated enough funds, he would buy a piece of land near Jade Creek Village to build an orchard. Then, he would build a big manor inside the orchard…

“Mother, don’t worry. We won’t lose money. How about this, I’ll only take out four taels of silver, then I’ll give the rest of the money to you. That way, even if we do make a loss, our family won’t lose much.” Lin Lixuan used a roundabout way to persuade Zhao Liniang. As for Ger Yan, he didn’t need any persuading. He was a neutral ally that could be easily swayed to his side to help Lin Lixuan persuade Zhao Liniang as well.

Ger Yan hugged the basket and nodded. “That’s right. Let Lin-dage try.” Although Ger Yan felt a bit sorry about the money—after all, four taels of silver was more than half a month’s income for them—Ger Yan still unconditionally supported Lin Lixuan in opening a shop.

After trying their best to persuade her, Zhao Liniang finally relented. “Then go ahead and open it…but, we’ve agreed, only four taels of silver.” She’d already gone to ask. The rent for an ordinary shop in the county town was three to four taels a month, and a lot of money was needed for the deposit as well. If Lin Lixuan was going to rent a house, then of course she would go with him as well.

After getting her approval, the two husbands began to look for a suitable store in All Water County. In fact, Lin Lixuan had already explored all the shops that were for rent in All Water County a while ago. He planned on taking Ger Yan to visit them to pick the right one. It was really difficult to rent a suitable shop with only four taels of silver.

Early in the morning, he rode with Ger Yan on the donkey cart to the county town. They first went to Songyun Bookstore. He’d brought a stack of newly written manuscripts. When he didn’t have anything to do at the Lin residence, he would write. As of now, he’d written League of Gods. Not only was it adapted from Investiture of the Gods, ever since he dropped the manuscript off at Songyun Bookstore last time and bought a lot of local historical and geographical biographies and book of legends from the bookstore, he read them all, took count of the local material, and added the mysterious and strange points into his own manuscript in little pieces.

In addition, he used modern novel techniques in his book writing process. The climax was full of ups and downs. The flow was clear and fascinating. Of course, the most important thing was to make the person reading feel “satisfied”. However, Lin Lixuan didn’t dare write too much. It was just the appropriate amount. He didn’t challenge the heartstrings of the ancient literati. After all, those who could read were all knowledgeable people. If it was too ordinary, it would be hated on. It wasn’t good to put the cart before the horse.

When they arrived at Songyun Bookstore, Chu Zihang, who Lin Lixuan was familiar with, happened to be there. As soon as they saw him, the other party greeted him and congratulated him on the first volume of League of Gods having started production at the printing workshop. It was estimated that the books would be released by the end of the year. “Thank you, Wenle.” Wenle was Chu Zihang’s courtesy name.

Chu Zihang’s honest face let out a hearty laugh. “No need, no need. Hey, are these your new manuscripts? Hurry and let me take a look. Madam Shen is going to regret not being here. She really wants to know what happens in the story. She came earlier a few times to ask if the Xiucai from Jade Creek Village came by. It seems I’ll have to make a copy of the book and send it to Mr. Shen.”

“What’s the matter? Mr. Shen isn’t here?” The owner of Songyun Bookstore was Mr. Shen.

“Mr. Shen’s son is an official in the capital. Isn’t it almost the new year? Mr. and Madam Shen went to the capital for a family reunion. They won’t come back until after the new year.”

That was a bit of a problem. Lin Lixuan originally planned on exchanging this manuscript for a few taels of silver. But since the boss wasn’t there, getting the silver would be difficult. Since it was still uncertain if the first book could be sold or not, it would be hard to continue asking them for money.

Even if it was hard, for the sake of their livelihood, he still had to speak up. “I wonder if I could get an advance of three taels of silver first…”

Chu Zihang furrowed his bows. “That… I can’t make that decision.”

“Could you be more accommodating?”

“I…” Chu Zihang was an honest and responsible scholar. He would never agree to anything that didn’t conform to the rules.

Lin Lixuan wouldn’t make things difficult for others either. After finding out his plan wouldn’t work, he had to think of something else.

“I’m terribly sorry.” Chu Zihang looked apologetic. Then as if he’d made up his mind, he added, “If Brother Lin really needs money, I have three taels of silver…”

“There’s no need…” Lin Lixuan thanked him, smiled, then left with Ger Yan.

Ji Yan followed Lin Lixuan to the corner of the street, then couldn’t help but ask, “Why did you refuse?”

Lin Lixuan stopped and smiled at his little husband. “Do you think he looked wealthy?”

Ger Yan shook his head. Chu Zihang’s clothes had patches on them.

“That’s why. What if we borrowed his money and made him waste away without food?”

Ger Yan didn’t understand. “What does waste away mean?”

It wasn’t the villager Ger Yan’s fault for not understanding slang words. Lin Lixuan smiled and teased Ger Yan and said, “It means he wouldn’t have anything to eat and will go hungry, so he could only waste away.”

Nothing to eat? Starve? Go hungry? These words hit Ger Yan straight in the heart. For foodies with a big stomach like him, there was nothing more terrifying than that.

Ever since he knew what it felt like to be full, he could no longer stand the days of starving.

Seeing Ger Yan’s frightened expression, Lin Lixuan smiled and grabbed Ger Yan’s hand. As soon as they touched, he felt a piercing cold. Lin Lixuan frowned and said, “Your hands are so cold. Why didn’t you wear more clothes?”

“I’m already wearing enough. My hands are just a little cold.” Ger Yan didn’t feel like there was anything wrong. In the past, when it was the coldest time of the year, he would wear about the same amount of clothes.

Lin Lixuan helplessly held his hand. His warm palm wrapped around the cold hand. His cold fingers suddenly touched the warm palm, and he instantly felt the heat. Ger Yan wanted to retract his hand, but he was reluctant to leave the warmth.

The two walked to the bridge. Lin Lixuan saw Huang Yuan selling characters from a distance. He was lazily lying on the table, reading a book. The business around his stall was as desolate as the gravel blown up by the north wind.

They had to thank him for helping them open the tofu pudding stall in the beginning. Not only did he lend them benches and chopsticks, he also helped them take care of the stall in the first few days. Later, Huang Yuan said he was affecting their business so he didn’t head over again. Lin Lixuan had a very good impression of his ordinary but warm-hearted scholar. He walked over and greeted him. When the other party saw him, he tore his focus off the book and called out, “It’s you!”

Huang Yuan stood with a smile. He glanced at Lin Lixuan, then at the hand that was still holding Ger Yan’s. For a moment, he felt that the north wind that was blowing was even colder than before. But then he smiled and teased, “Little sister-in-law is here too?”

Ger Yan, who was being teased, blushed, feeling as hot as Lin Lixuan’s palm that was against his.

Lin Lixuan smiled. He suddenly glanced at the pile of written characters on the wooden table. Huang Yuan followed his gaze and jumped up like a cat that had his tail touched as he quickly hid the pile of papers.

“Are you trying to imitate my writing?” It wasn’t Lin Lixuan being narcissistic, it was that his characters were easily recognizable. He had some habits, like special strokes in his characters. Not only was the other party imitating his characters but even his little habits as well.

“Hehehe.” The cheeky Huang Yuan smiled embarrassedly. There was no choice. It wasn’t like he’d wanted to, but people liked Lin Lixuan’s characters. After he learned how to write like Lin Lixuan, his business became more prosperous. In the past, he wasn’t able to sell his characters at all. At most, a few illiterate people would hire him to write a letter, but who knew that someone would actually buy his character. Hahaha, although he’d only sold two or three…

Lin Lixuan didn’t care that the other party was imitating his writing style. His brush writing style was learned when he was a child from his grandfather. The grandfather’s stroke habits, the grandson also picked up. When he saw Huang Yuan’s familiar style, he couldn’t help but feel a little emotional.

Ger Yan also learned how to write with this style. Why didn’t he feel emotion when he saw Ger Yan’s characters? It was because Ger Yan’s characters could only be call “presentable” and “square”.

“Hey, are you two just hanging around in the county town?”

“No. Ger Yan and I want to rent a shop and open a store.”

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