BLL Chapter 27 Mold

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Ger Yan was stunned for a moment. When he came to his senses, he saw Lin Lixuan watching him with a smile. Lin Lixuan sat up and stretched his body. He looked up at the sky. It was already dusk. The red sun was falling. Lin Lixuan hadn’t expected it to be so late. This was the first time they had returned from the county town so late.

They had spent all day at the county town today. Plus, since winter was approaching, it got darker faster. Ger Yan was afraid that Lin Lixuan wouldn’t be able to sleep well, so he deliberately made the little donkey walk slower. The slower the little donkey walked, the lazier it got. It was originally lazy—isn’t it nice to stop and go so slowly? Ger Yan had been distracted, so he didn’t argue with it. It was no wonder it took them until this hour to get home.

Along the way, the wide sky was silent. Lin Lixuan glanced back and saw the layers of trees hidden among the last red rays of the sunset. The light and shadows flickered and showed off among the dead branches and yellow leaves that swayed in the wind. Looking at the sky, he could faintly still see the light blue vastness.

Ger Yan’s figure was no longer clear. His entire person was shrouded in a layer of orange-red halo. His skin looked as delicate as porcelain. Lin Lixuan sighed in his heart, “Like the saying goes: My love and I met after dark.”

In this kind of dim light, it was easiest to have ambiguous feelings. Lin Lixuan thought this. He and Ger Yan had never gone out on a date at dusk before.

Or should it be called a tryst…

The mood inside his heart calmed. When they approached Jade Creek Village, Lin Lixuan motioned the little donkey to stop. He pulled Ger Yan off the cart and led him toward a dark area in the dense forest.

“Lin-dage, where are we going? Are we just going to leave the little donkey there?” Ger Yan, who was pulled along, looked a bit flustered and shy.

“Leave him there to eat some grass. Don’t worry. He won’t run away.” Lin Lixuan smiled like a cat who had stolen a fish. Ger Yan was a bit frightened when he saw this.

I-I-I… “We should head back. Worry will worry.” He felt strange seeing Lin-dage act like this.

Lin Lixuan smiled. This big bad wolf said to the child, “Don’t be afraid. We’ll head back soon. Mother won’t worry.”

“Where are we going…” Ger Yan was about to cry out. Was Lin-dage going to sell him? Little Shuang’ers were worthless…

“Why don’t you take a guess?”

He couldn’t figure it out.

Lin Lixuan dragged the person until they were at the trunk of a tree. There were quite a few dense bushes growing on the side of the tree. This place was very hidden and quiet. Lin Lixuan gently pushed the other person against the tree and pretended to tease his face. “Let me see who’s little husband this is. It’s already this late and you still haven’t gone home…”

Save me. Lin-dage had gone crazy.

“Didn’t you say earlier—when it was just the two of us, you wanted to call me by my courtesy name? So do it.”

“Or you can call me husband, hubby. Choose yourself.”

Ger Yan squeezed his eyes shut. He was nervous. His voice trembled. “J-Jingzhi…”

Lin Lixuan’s focus was on the little Shuang’er in front of him, whose head was about to shrink into his collar. He looked like a wilted ostrich.

Lin Lixuan hooked his lips up into a smile and hugged the person in his arms. The forehead of the two gently pushed together. Lin Lixuan tilted Ger Yan’s head up slightly and kissed his lips. He occupied the other party’s territory like an invader.

Ger Yan instinctively opens his lips, wanting to indulge as the other party’s tongue swept over the sensitive part of his bottom lip. Lin Lixuan had originally planned to give him only a romantic and short kiss. Who knew the little Shuang’er was both innocent and bold. He was stunned at first, but afterwards took the initiative to chase after him with his dexterous little tongue.

It was a long time before they separated.

Their breaths were rapid and trembling. The tenderness in Lin Lixuan’s eyes was almost overflowing. He gently wiped the silver strands from the corner of the other party’s lips with his finger. He wanted to say something, but he caught a glimpse of something from the corner of his eyes. It seemed that not far away there was…someone?

Who would come here at a time like this?

This wasn’t the only way to get to Jade Creek Village from the county town. Lin Lixuan didn’t get along with the owner of the ox cart, so after getting the donkey cart, he took another small route. There usually weren’t many people around these parts besides the two of them. Even if there were, it was during the day. It was late now, and others would have normally returned home for dinner already.

“Was that your cousin-in-law?”

Ger Yan looked over in confusion when he heard this. It seemed that the person walking in the forest in the distance really was his cousin-in-law—Zhao Qingqing, the Shuang’er married to Ji Ya.

The sky hadn’t completely turned dark yet. Although he was far away, he could still vaguely recognize the other party.

Zhao Qingqing was a handsome little Shuang’er. According to his mother, he got pregnant shortly after marrying into the Ji family. So why was a pregnant person walking here alone? What if he bumped into something? Where was his cousin? Ger Yan carefully studied the person again. It was indeed Zhao Qingqing. He was wearing the same clothes as the one he saw the last time he saw him in the courtyard when he’d returned to the Ji residence.

What was he doing here? Lin Lixuan and Ger Yan were standing on the slope, and there were shrubs covering them. They could see him, but it was hard for the other party to see them.

They watched as the other party exchanged something with a man who’d suddenly appeared. The two didn’t even speak before Zhao Qingqing had turned around and rushed back to Jade Creek Village.

Lin Lixuan and Ger Yan didn’t recognize the unknown man. They were sure he wasn’t from Jade Creek Village. So it must have been someone Zhao Qingqing knew before he’d gotten married.

Doubts appeared in Lin Lixuan’s eyes. As the saying went “don’t raise unneeded suspicion on yourself. Why did a married Shuang’er meet an unknown man this late at night…?

The two looked at each other. Lin Lixuan didn’t expect to run into this kind of situation during their tryst. All ambiguous and romantic thoughts instantly disappeared.

When Lin Lixuan and Ger Yan returned to the Lin residence, sure enough, they were scolded by Zhao Liniang. Zhao Liniang thought they would only head to the county town to rent a shop. Even if they weren’t able to rent one, they should have returned in the afternoon. Since they hadn’t returned in the afternoon, they should have returned just as the sky was darkening. She had already made dinner, and the chickens and ducks were already fed as well.

She looked left and right and didn’t see anyone. Zhao Liniang was about to tear apart the entire place, afraid that they had gotten into an accident on the way home. The more Zhao Liniang thought about this, the more scared she got. How scared she got was how fiercely she scolded them now. Lin Lixuan and Ger Yan were busy enduring Zhao Liniang’s anger that the suspicions they had of seeing the scene at the slope faded.

As they were scolded, they ate the hot food Zhao Liniang gave them without saying anything. Lin Lixuan ate with his head lowered. In his mind, he thought about how delicious the food cooked by Ger Yan was. Ger Yan was also eating with his head lowered. He was really hungry. He hadn’t realized when they were out, but after returning home, he was already drooling just at the smell of food.

Neither of them told Zhao Liniang what had happened on the way back. They only said that they had worked hard in the county town to find a suitable shop. The owner of the shop was a kind old man. They had cleaned the store for a long time and had forgotten the time, and that was why they had only returned now. They also told Zhao Liniang the interesting story about meeting Auntie Zhu while trying to rent a shop.

That night, the two of them lay in bed. The first thing they thought about was the beautiful kiss they shared. Their skin was close enough to touch, but neither of them spoke. There was a faint warmth in the air. In the past, the two of them would cover themselves in separate quilts, but now the quilts were stacked on top of each other, as close as their intertwined limbs.

Ger Yan couldn’t help but mention, “I wonder what my cousin-in-law’s relationship is with that man?”

He wasn’t an ignorant little Shuang’er. He was already an adult and married. His biological older brother was born from a farmer’s family, but he was a luscious playboy. Today’s scene was inevitably suspicious…

“Sleep. Don’t think about that now.” Lin Lixuan’s sleepy eyes were hazy. He put his hand on the other person’s small stomach, and the two of them fell into a deep sleep.

Now that they rented a shop, they started to become busy preparing to open the stop. Old Man Zhong’s shop was empty, so they needed to bring everything themselves. Zhao Liniang didn’t follow them to the county town so as to not exhaust herself. Besides, she still needed to take care of the chicken and ducks at home. Zhao Liniang fed the group of babies well. They were fat and strong. When the time came, they could be sold for a good price. Lin Lixuan was like a mouse who was moving homes. He moved all the things he needed little by little, adding what should be added. And slowly, his shop was finally ready.

Lin Lixuan’s original plan for this shop was to sell some steamed buns and other pastries and soy milk in the morning. He would sell soy products, such as soft tofu, dried tofu, fried tofu and others, during the day. Later, he wondered if it was too monotonous. Making a block of tofu was a lot more troublesome than making tofu pudding. They needed wood blocks to make the shape. Making fried tofu and similar things was even more troublesome. Besides, tofu items couldn’t keep well. If they kept the tofu in water, it would last for two or three days, but it wouldn’t be fresh. If they had to make tofu everyday, they would exhaust themselves.

So why must they stick to soy products?

They needed diversity, but what else could they sell? Lin Lixuan thought of the full moon in the sky. The myths of this place didn’t have the story of Chang’e running to the moon, so naturally, mooncakes didn’t exist either. He could make mooncakes as normal pastries to sell. Cantonese style mooncakes had skin like snow. He knew how to make them. The city he lived in in his previous life, almost every household knew how to make mooncakes. It wasn’t too hard to make either. Every year during the Mid-Autumn Festival, the entire community would engage in a variety of mooncake making activities. He might not have done it before, but he’d seen it done countless times.

Lin Lixuan talked to the old carpenter in the county town to customize a batch of small molds to make mooncakes and other pastries. The patterns were drawn by himself. They were round ones, flower-shaped ones, and ones with the jade rabbit… He drew whatever he thought up. Although his drawing wasn’t exquisite, the drawing for the mold still looked good. The old carpenter praised how good the model looked.

After getting the mold, Lin Lixuan tried to make it.

Even if he knew what he was doing theoretically, the mooncakes he made didn’t look good…

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