IMG Chapter 110 Inevitable

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Dawn the next day, when Luo Lingxing woke up and jumped out of the life-saving ship, he saw a man sitting with an expression full of grievance. When the man saw him, his eyes suddenly lit up as if he was a hungry wolf that just saw food. It startled Luo Lingxing.

Anyone who saw this scene as soon as they woke up probably would have been startled as well.

“Good morning.” After calming down, Luo Lingxing took the initiative to greet him. It was obvious that he knew him.

“Morning,” the man replied and continued to look at Luo Lingxing with bright eyes.

Luo Lingxing blinked. What did this man want? Could it be that because he had just woken up, he had something on his face?

Luo Lingxing couldn’t help but touch his face, feeling left and right but didn’t feel anything dirty on his face.

 “Xiao Luo, you don’t have to mind him. He became stupid after being beaten by a pterosaur last night,” Zhang Xuan, who was carrying a pile of firewood, said as he pointed to his head.

“Get lost. You’re the one who got stupid,” Zhao Chongzhuo roared at Zhang Xuan. When his gaze returned to Luo Lingxing, his eyes were filled with grief and grievances.

He struggled for his life against the pterosaurs last night and managed to escape with much difficulty to find them. In the end, the first thing they did when they saw him was to brag about how delicious Luo Lingxing’s barbecued meat was. How could he, who had to nibble rations all day then suffer a grumbled stomach a night due to expanding too much energy, endure it? His boss even added oil to the fire by not allowing him to disturb Luo Lingxing’s sleep. God knew how sullen he was as he passed that night. He used an immersible amount of willpower to control his hunger as he waited for Luo Lingxing to wake up.

“Xiao Luo. I heard you know how to barbecue, so…” Zhao Chongzhuo was a bit embarrassed. If this was someone else, he definitely wouldn’t be this polite asking for something. However, Luo Lingxing was still only a half-adult, so how could he ask him to barbecue meat for him as soon as he woke up? Luo Lingxing looked at the surrounding firewood that was piled up high as well as the pile of wild beast meat beside it. He had already seen through it and knew the rest of the sentence that Zhao Chongzhuo had never finished.

Grilling meat was easy for him. Moreover, these people were here to save him, so grilling them some meat was nothing.

Luo Lingxing didn’t say a word and lit the firewood then very quickly handled the wild beast to cut the meat into small pieces. However, each small piece was still the size of two adult palms. If it wasn’t this size, with the amount that these people ate, who knew how long he would have to grill for.

“We have another chance at good food.” Zhang Xuan very obediently sat beside Luo Lingxing watching the golding grilled meat. He did his best to swallow his saliva so that he didn’t embarrass himself too much.

Zhang Xuan and Lin Mingying had already tasted it last night, so their expressions were pretty normal. However, it was the first time Zhao Chongzhuo and the other members saw Luo Lingxing grilling meat. The seductive fragrance lingered in their noses, making them want to grab the barbecue and eat it right away.

Suddenly, the bright-eyed members felt a cold gaze fall upon them, making them feel uneasy. Their bodies involuntarily trembled.

“You’re back?” Luo Lingxing greeted Han Junzhan with a smile.

Han Junzhan retracted his gaze from his subordinates, and the others finally let out a breath of relief. They looked toward Luo Lingxing as if he was their savior.

“This one’s for you.” Han Junzhan handed two half-sized rabbits to Luo Lingxing.

“Do you want to eat barbecued rabbit?” Luo Lingxing took the rabbits, his hands still moving nonstop. He thought Han Junzhan wanted to eat barbecued rabbit, so he planned to make it for him soon.

However, there were only two rabbits, so it probably wouldn’t be enough for him to eat.

“It’s for you to eat. Rabbit meat is more tender,” Han Junzhan replied and took the initiative to handle the rabbits so it was ready for Luo Lingxing to grill.

“Thank you,” Luo Lingxing replied with a smile. It was true that he preferred rabbit meat. The wild beasts might have more meat, but the majority of it was lean meat. He, who was picky with food, didn’t really like it.

He originally had a lot of wild rabbit meat in his space, but he had donated to the stomachs of those three people last night.

Zhang Xuan was surprised and didn’t react for a while. He very, very quietly sat somewhere a bit further away from Luo Lingxing. Afterward, he leaned to Lin Mingying and whispered, “Ying, why do I find our boss a bit strange today?”

He kept thinking that his boss was a bit strange or perhaps it could be said that since their boss brought along Luo Lingxing, he had already started to change. However, it wasn’t as noticeable in the past, and this incident made the changes much more obvious.

Take the previous conversation for example. His boss wouldn’t have cared about what others liked to eat in the past. It was already good enough if they had something to eat. In the end, he actually went himself to get some wild rabbits for Luo Lingxing. This really was…a bit strange.

Lin Mingying glanced at him and said, “Strange how? You’re delusional.”

Although that was what he said, Lin Mingying had the same thought in his heart.

What did he mean he was strange today? He has always been strange, okay? As long as it involved Luo Lingxing, when did their boss ever act normally? However, Lin Mingying didn’t dare say those words out loud. If their boss heard it, he’d definitely have to suffer the consequences. “Isn’t there?” Zhang Xuan murmured. He was still a bit in disbelief. He clearly felt that there was something wrong with their boss.

However, there soon wasn’t time for Zhang Xuan to think of this since Luo Lingxing’s first batch of barbecue was finished. Seeing the bright eyes of Zhao and the others, he knew a fierce battle would ensue soon.

Han Junzhan’s swept a quick glance at everyone, causing all the eager people to halt.

What a joke. They could steal from others but never from their boss. It was one thing if they could take from him or not, but it was just that they didn’t have the courage to do so. They could only wait for their boss to eat his fill so that their time could come.

Luo Lingxing handed a piece of barbecue to Han Junzhan then placed the reminder on a large leaf and pushed it to Zhao Chongzhuo and the others.

No one dared to move. They timidly looked at Han Junzhan with expectation. When the other person nodded, they fought like they were hungry wolves.

“So delicious. This is the best thing I’ve ever eaten.” One person shoved barbecue into his mouth nonstop while still being able to speak clearly. This was clearly a lot more skilled than Zhang Xuan.

“I suddenly feel that the food I’ve been eating these past few days was child’s food. How was I eating those rations?”

“Compared to today’s barbecue, I suddenly feel the food I was eating before was pig’s food.”

“What are we going to eat when we get back? I don’t think I’d be able to swallow it.” Everyone scrambled to grab the limited barbecue. The ones who weren’t able to get one anxiously watched as the others heartily ate. They madly swallowed their saliva, especially after hearing their comments. Their eyes burned even more as they looked at Luo Lingxing.

Even someone as calm as Luo Lingxing couldn’t help but feel embarrassed by all these eyes on him. At the same time, he also felt a bit sorry for them.

After all it was because of him that everyone had to eat rations today and they even had to fight against wild beasts and didn’t get a good rest. Therefore, he would roast more barbecue to compensate for them.

Unconsciously, only the shining white bones of the giant wild beast were left over. All the meat went into everyone’s stomachs. Even if that was the case, it wouldn’t be enough to feed these powerful people. In the end, some people went to hunt some medium-sized wild beasts, and he was finally able to feed them until they were full. Moreover, the remaining meat was roasted and placed in his space button for them to eat in the next meal.

As a result, Luo Lingxing, who was grateful and compensated them by continuously roasting meat, found that the surrounding Power of Faith became even denser. And since he was in direct contact with these people who emitted these Power of Faith, therefore the density was almost as much as his fans. This was an unexpected surprise.

“Boss, are we leaving now?” Zhang Xuan asked with a bit of reluctance. He only ate two meals of barbecue and it wasn’t enough.

“Mn.” Han Junzhan nodded. Since they had already found Luo Lingxing, there was no need to stay there. The longer they stayed, the more dangerous it would become.

“Everyone, get ready to return. We’re heading back,” Zhao Chongzhuo said to everyone, then saw that everyone including himself was patting their full stomach. They were so full that they didn’t really want to move.

“Haha, you guys are useless. You actually ate until you were stuffed. We’ll teach them when we get back so they don’t embarrass themselves even more,” Zhang Xuan sneered very impolitely, completely forgetting that he was also like this when he first ate it yesterday.

“If I could have such a delicious meal, let them laugh. I don’t care,” one soldier said. The others immediately echoed.  It didn’t matter how useless they were.

Luo Lingxing picked up Xiao Bai and followed Han Junzhan to board the small spaceship and watched as the forest became smaller. He was a bit unwilling. This place was perfect for training. Although he was only here for a few days, he could obviously sense that he had become a lot more powerful. If he stayed for a few more days, there would definitely be lots of gains.

“Junzhan, can we come back in the future?” Luo Lingxing asked.

He knew from what everyone said that this was an uninhabited planet. An uninhabited generally didn’t have people coming to it since the planet would usually be too dangerous. Only an adventurer or someone who had a mission would come here.

“You want to come back?” Han Junzhan asked.

“Mn, it’s really nice here.” The place was very suitable for training. Once his cultivation was higher he would need continuous training to make his strength more stable.

“If you want to come, I’ll bring you,” Han Junzhan bluntly said, making those who heard extremely shocked.

They had never seen this boss speak so gently to anyone, especially words that almost sounded as if they were endearments.

Unfortunately, the target of those words didn’t find anything strange in those words and only cared that he could come back to this planet again.

“Really?” Luo Lingxing asked in surprise.

“Mn.” Han Junzhan nodded as he watched Luo Lingxing’s expression become even more profound.

After this incident, he completely understood his feelings, and he didn’t plan on suppressing them. However, he could tell that Luo Lingxing didn’t feel the same way and was also slow to perceive his (HJZ) feelings.

But it didn’t matter since they were already engaged. He obviously wouldn’t give Luo Lingxing a chance to leave. They still had a lot of time, and he believed that in the end, Luo Lingxing would definitely fall in love with him.

Han Junzhan, who had always been confident, was also determined to obtain this feat!

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